Dare to Take the Next Step in Life and Business

As an entrepreneur, I know that life can be tough with employees, clients, expenses and everything else you deal with on a daily basis. Reaching your goals can sometimes feel like an impossible dream. When you think about your goals the next thought that follows is how much time, effort, and focus it takes to get there – all three of which are in short supply in the life of an entrepreneur. Do you feel stuck in the status quo and trapped in a situation from which you wish to break free?

I am a Certified Co-Active® Coach and consultant with over 30 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, and a published author.

I assure you that my success did not come over night. There were many years of struggle where I wished and hoped that someone, anyone, could show me a better way of running my business. I made more than my share of mistakes in my time, but as much as I wanted to run away most of the time, I stayed and worked harder and made more mistakes and eventually learned from my mistakes and came out on top.

By the time I achieved significant success, I had failed so many times that I knew the feeling of failing better than my own physical skin. It had become a significant part of the world I lived in and I no longer considered it as something to be afraid of or to avoid. I came to know and accept that on the road to success failing was an inevitable part of the life of an entrepreneur.

A question I get all the time is “can you help me?”

To be honest I cannot help everyone, but for the ones I can help, this is the first step. I start by getting to know you, your challenges, your goals and your dreams. Regardless of where you are in your life and business, I will walk the path with you by first creating a niche program for you. It might involve some co-active coaching, some consulting, some energy medicine or some energy psychology methods. Over time it will bring out the best in you and you will get to be where you want to be. With my guidance and help, the road to your goals and dreams doesn’t have to be fraught with struggle and endless mistakes. Because I have travelled down this road, and succeeded despite all the challenges, is why I can make the path to success so much smoother and easier for you. I do this and more while holding the vision of your success all the time and especially during the times when you can’t.

Connect with me today, and I will tell you whether I am able to help you during our conversation.

~ Bita Saleh, DDS

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