Coaching FAQs

Coaching and therapy each have their own benefits. Dr. Saleh is not a therapist and therefore cannot speak about therapy. One of her clients described it best here: “You’re very intuitive like Sherlock Holmes. You know the right questions to ask. Your coaching is very personal. It feels inspiring and light. I always find myself overcoming something and moving forward. I’m happy at the end of a coaching session instead of feeling heavy and introspective.” As described by this client, coaching is mostly about forward movement. Through the learning gained in forward movement, you will be able to create additional transformations in your life.

Yes, absolutely. It is best to give permission to your therapist and Dr. Saleh to communicate so they can work together in supporting you with your continued growth and transformation.

The answer to this question depends on many factors. A detailed discovery session at the beginning of the coaching relationship can help Dr. Saleh estimate a time requirement. However, coaching is a dynamic process, not fixed. The client is as much, if not more an integral part of the coaching relationship determining a successful outcome.

Weekly sessions are best for achieving successful outcomes especially at the beginning of coaching. Allowing too much time to pass between sessions is not as effective in reaching goals. As with physical exercise, you will get better results working out three times a week instead of just once a month.

Dr. Saleh will first congratulate you for making the best decision of your life. It’s a magnificent and necessary gift to give to yourself. She would tell you to choose to be committed to showing up and being fully present to the learning and repeat.

A discovery session is the best way. Like any other relationship, feeling heard and seen for who you really are is a good starting point in a coaching relationship. Make sure you feel safe and not judged for who you are and what you want in your life. The coaching relationship is the imaginary safety net that holds you safe and supports you while you take the courageous, bold actions required for evoking transformation. We start by talking.